Here at Skidmore's, we make natural treatments for restoration, conditioning, and protecting all the leather and wood in your life. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly at Skidmore's. We recycle everything coming in or going out. Styrofoam peanuts too.

This is a collection of useful products I have invented over the years.  I produce these products in small batches, by hand, in my shops at home.  I know you may have been using my stuff for years and maybe never thought about it, but everything we make is produced right here at home by us.  I have spent my entire life making things out of leather, wood, metal, stone, and glass, and these products are a result of that work.  They are also a gift from the universe for which I am grateful.  Thanks for trying them.

, Maker


Restoration  *  Conditioning  *  Protection

Have a dirty, dry, old saddle, some curled up tack, or a neglected pair of boots that you’re trying to bring back?   Maybe you bought a set of dusty, deformed motorcycle saddlebags at a garage sale.  Perhaps you want to restore an antique piece of furniture.  Whatever your restoration project is, if it involves leather or wood, Skidmore’s products can help.

Need to seal & protect a deck or outside siding?  Have a log cabin or timber frame structure and don’t know what to use on the wood?  Want to refinish a wood floor without the fumes and high gloss of polyurethane?  Have a beautiful, handmade piece of furniture that’s ready for an equally beautiful finish?  Again, Skidmore’s Fine Beeswax Products have you covered.

Beeswax is our magic ingredient…it does wonderful things!  For example, it doesn’t break down when exposed to the elements.  Beeswax, along with other natural oils and ingredients gives all our products what it takes to get passed around, person to person, across this country and internationally.  They work!  We’re proud to offer products that are easy, safe and pleasant to use and give your leather and wood a natural glowing finish that’s easy to maintain.




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